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Improve Your Time Management as an Online Student

patrick capriola

Completing courses online can be challenging. It takes great discipline and commitment to stay on track with assignments. With a digital classroom, certain elements of a real classroom are missing. The teacher is not there in the flesh providing motivation. Take heed to these few tips to streamline time management and have it be a great online semester.

  1. Tell your family that you need time and space to be successful with your assignments. It could be more detrimental to keep them unknowing of your time management needs.
  2. Stick to a consistent schedule. Dedicate nights, mornings, or weekends to complete the required work.
  3. Don’t start a project close to the deadline. This is one of the worst decisions to make when it comes to efficient time management. Also, reach out to instructors ahead of time as well. Late night emails won’t cut it.
  4. Avoid online distractions. Only leave the necessary tabs open on the computer. Anything other than your work is taking time away from where you should be focusing your attention.
  5. Sign into class frequently. The constant visual reminder will help students stay up to date with work and any last minute course changes.
  6. Open your mouth if you are falling behind. Approach instructors early if you need assistance with scheduling. Most often, they are willing to work with you.
  7. Grasp all odd study opportunities. Although busy, use wait time or quiet moments to work through study materials.
  8. Choose an ideal study space. Surroundings can either be conducive to productivity or hinder it. More quiet and isolated areas may be better.
  9. Keep a calendar with deadlines. In order to accomplish the tasks of the month, place obligations by due date in an easy to find location.
  10. View your free time as work time. Entertaining friends and heading to the gym may seem enticing during those down minutes. However, place your work at the top of your list to be tackled at the first sight of free time.

Each tip is based on the common pitfalls of online students. Everyone struggles with something, whether distractions or lack of communication. By recognizing the patterns and implementing more positive strategies, success can still be imminent in the online classroom.