Android Applications with Educational Benefit

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Technology is everywhere.  With so much convenient technology floating around us at all times, it’s easy to forget that not too long ago television was the country’s number one news source and people actually read print versions of newspapers and books.  Today, things have changed drastically.  Many people have switched from print versions to digital copies.  Regular trips to the library for research are becoming less and less frequent now that the Internet can bring a wealth of knowledge into our homes—knowledge that can be accessed with just a few keystrokes—and more and more people rely on social media for news and information.

Perhaps the most (and least) striking part of this digital revolution is that a huge amount of this readily available information is being accessed on smartphones.  We’ve all done it.  You’re riding the bus, standing on line in a coffee shop, waiting for a friend outside of a movie theatre, and before you know it, you’re pulling that smartphone out of your pocket, composing a tweet, updating your Facebook status, skimming your favorite pop culture website, or reading the headline of the daily newspaper.  Why?  Because you can.  Because this information is conveniently located in the palm of your hand.  Accessible and easy—that’s why technology today is so appealing.

But have you ever thought about using your smartphone for something other than scrolling through your newsfeed or catching up on the latest trends?  Instead, prepare for a trip. Learn a new language.  Learn some new skills or fine-tune the old.  It’s all possible with today’s smartphone technology.  Here are a few Android apps to get you started:


“I’m too busy to learn a second language” will never be an acceptable excuse again.  With a new app called CueBrain you can work on your language skills anywhere, anytime.  You’re commute home just became your new French class!


You don’t need to be an astronomer to enjoy the novelty of this next app.  Open Celeste, point your smartphone towards the sky, and the entire solar system becomes visible to you.  See, in 3D, where all the planets are in relation to your point on Earth.  The fun astronomy facts are just an added bonus.

Algebra Tutor

Whether you’re helping your child, younger sibling, friend, or family member out with their homework or just looking to brush up on some of those algebra skills may have forgotten since high school, Algebra Tutor can easily be considered one of the best educational apps on the market.