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Millennials and Education Today

Patrick Capriola

The students of today’s millennial generation approach education in a new way. Their preferences are creating an impact in the classroom. Now is the time for educators to take note of these changes and abolish some of the ineffective and outdated learning strategies.

Collaboration and flexibility of scheduling are two things that modern students value. Participating in online classes is a key area that is becoming popular due to the freedom it allows in one’s schedule. Traditional schools are now starting to follow the millennial leaders when it comes to advancing their academic frameworks.

First, Master’s degrees have become more important. Many students are registering and intending to pursue their Master’s when they first enroll in college. In order to admit and retain the proper students, universities need to offer high quality upper level degrees. The Bachelor’s alone is often not enough anymore. A key motivational factor for students obtaining their Master’ degree is the increase in salary. More lucrative opportunities are available with the higher education level. Next, online learning tools have gained popularity among this age bracket. A particular tool called MOOC, Massive Open Online Courses, is well known. However, institutions are still hesitant to invest in this platform. Next, millennials want to work together. A study by New York University show’s retention rates for classroom taught materials went higher the more students collaborated. Those rates further escalated when students learned and taught back that same material.

It is important that the education system progresses as it’s students evolve. Students will perform more efficiently if there are options tailored to their needs. Universities that take note of the changes initiated by the millennial generation will not only make learning better, but they will be thoroughly prepared for the next generation to come.

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