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How Writing Helps Children

According to a study conducted by the U.S. Department of Education, beginning to write at an early age can help improve a child’s overall academic progress in school.  Similar studies have shown that writing helps children learn and retain information by actively engaging with and thinking critically about different topics.  Writing should be encouraged at school and at home.  Constant practice will help build a child’s confidence in his or her writing skills and communication abilities.  This works to improve children’s levels of independence and self-expression.

The sooner a child is introduced to writing the sooner he or she can begin to develop his or her own identity.  This can help a child look more inquisitively at the world as he or she tries to figure out personal opinions and share them with others.  Sharing experiences and opinions can bring children closer together, making them feel more accepted by friends, classmates and teachers as they realize that others have felt emotions similar to their own.

Children love stories and will, most likely, eagerly begin to tell their own once they can express themselves through writing.  From a young age, children can begin to understand the power of stories and narration.  In many ways, children are already living a writer’s life, as writers and children alike are constantly observing the world, pondering its inner-workings, recalling memories and creating entire worlds with their imaginations.  Once they have developed writing skills, children can create their own stories, stories they feel must be told.

Beginning to hone writing skills from an early age is something that will help a child immensely academically and personally as he or she matures.  Writing not only gives children confidence in their communication abilities, allowing them to communicate more frequently and effectively with peers, it also helps them realize how much power is present in being able to articulate one’s feelings.  Increasing communication abilities helps children to better understand each other and the world around them, ultimately allowing them to feel more engaged with the world and comfortable knowing that others can relate to and understand the message they wish to convey.

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