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According to a Forbes article, there are five prominent education facts from 2013. Here is a glimpse at this five. Rounding out the type five is a fact about the United States dropout rate. Although the rate of decline is slow, it is occurring—regarding the U.S. high school drop out rate of course. The article notes that dropping out of high school can sometimes lead to crime, poverty, and drug abuse. The state with the best graduation rate of high school students was Vermont. Nevada had the worst ranking on the list of U.S. States.

According to the article another important education fact is about financial aid. While financial aid appears to be increasing, there is a caveat: the cost of attending college is still rising as well. A third fact is related to the SAT- the most popular standardized test for students to take in the United States. The state with the most high school students to take the SAT is Delaware. There is a 100% rate of high school graduates in Delaware who took the SAT. A fourth fact is about home school and public school options compared to private school options. Homeschooling and Public School have increased in popularity, whereas there as been a decrease in students enrolling in private schools. Over 52 million students are anticipated to attend public schools by the year, 2021. A final fact about education from the year is regarding No Child Left Behind. There are a number of states who don’t have to follow the requirements of No Child Left Behind. For more information about these education facts please visit the original article at:

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